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Do you know Him?  

By Todd Barrier  

In Psalm 139:13-18 we read about how precious life is. We read about the painstaking detail God put into “knitting” us together.  

These verses are made so much more meaningful when we read verses 1-12 along with them.  

We see that we are intimately known by God. In these verses we read about how God knows our thoughts, our words and our motivations behind those things. He even knows them before we ever say or think them.  

This should give us a level of comfort, knowing that when we don’t think anyone understands, God knows – because God knows us!  

When we learn these things, verses 13-18 mean so much more. We are individually special to God. He created each one of us and knew us even before we were formed by Him.  

What comfort we have just by the simple fact that we are known by God! Do you know Him?