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Books of the week of Jan. 12

Title: “A Certain Appeal” 
Author: Vanessa King 
Reading Level: Adult

In this mashup of burlesque and “Pride and Prejudice,” Liz Bennet was an inspiring designer. After getting a prestigious design internship, her work was stolen from her, and her reputation was ruined.  

She decided a fresh start in New York City was her next step.  

In NYC, she found work as a burlesque stage kitten at Meryton. The show is considered one of the best in NYC, but what will she do when a new patron she flirts with calls her “tolerable”? 

This is great modern retelling of “Pride and Prejudice” by new author Vanessa King. The author has modernized all the characters while staying true to the originals. This is a must-read book for romance or “Pride and Prejudice” lovers. 

Title: “If I Run”
Author: Terri Blackstock
Reading Level: Adult