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Rebekah Yancey, Editor

I thank my God upon every remembrance  

By Rebekah Yancey 

There are many things in this life for which I am thankful – so many blessings I can hardly fathom them all. Have you ever tried to count the ways you’re blessed? It’s a humbling thing to consider.  

This week we will take a day as a nation to be thankful for our blessings, and as that day has gotten closer and closer, I’ve found myself thinking more about the things I’m extra thankful for this year – and what I should be more thankful for every day of the year.  

Of course, there are the standards everyone says: friends, family, health and the rest. Coming off of a year when my health and the future were so daunting – when a simple phone call or test result could have changed it all – I’m a little extra thankful now for the health I have and the doctors who have helped me figure out past issues.  

I’m thankful for those who supported me with prayer and love through the unknown. The support system I have is second to none. From the caring friends who constantly check on me, to my family and those I’ve cultivated relationships with through my job, I have been blessed by innumerable people in countless ways.   

This job is a blessing in and of itself, even on the stressful days. I’m able to do something that is challenging yet fulfilling and play a role in producing our publications for our devoted readership – and I actually get to make a living doing something I went to college to pursue. How many people get to say that?  

My husband is the biggest blessing in my life. I could fill 1,000 column inches with his good characteristics, and it wouldn’t scratch the surface. He loves me like my father loves my mom and like Christ loves His church. I am one blessed woman.  

My parents are responsible for the person I am today, and they love me, my siblings and each other unconditionally. Speaking of parents, I am so very thankful for the godly parents I got when I changed my last name. Tim and Sandra Yancey are kind and loving people and have treated me like their own from day one.  

I’m thankful for God’s unfailing grace and His abounding love. I certainly don’t deserve it but am so thankful for my life and all my wonderful blessings.  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.