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Books of the week of Nov. 24

Title: “Christmas, Criminals and Campers” 
Author: Tonya Kappes

This is the fourth book in the Camper and Criminals Cozy Mystery series, but it can be read on its own.  

The story opens with Abby, the town librarian for Normal, Ky., attending the Laundry Club book club meeting, where they are discussing her favorite author.  

Nadine White is coming to their quaint little town to get inspiration for a new book and has rented a camper from Happy Trails Campground for the winter.  Mae West, owner of the campground and amateur sleuth, tries to make Nadine feel welcome by decking her camper out for the holidays.   

Everyone is disappointed when Nadine shows up to the book signing with an ungrateful attitude. Abby is flat-out angry at Nadine when she finds out she had a ghost writer for all her favorite novels – and Abby says some things she will soon regret.   

While Mae is on a date with the local detective, Hank, they notice the library still appears to be open late at night.  Upon entering the library, they hear a scream and find Abby standing over Nadine’s body, holding a knife.   

Abby is the obvious No. 1 suspect, but Mae knows her best friend could not have done this. Now she has to prove it.   

This title is available in the William Bradford Huie Libby app under audiobooks.   


Title: “The Love Hypothesis” 
Author: Ali Hazelwood 
Reading Level: Adult 

“The Love Hypothesis” is fake-dating contemporary romance. It follows Olive Smith, a doctorate student at Stanford, as she tries to convince her best friend she is dating.  

Late one night, Olive decides to kiss the very next person she sees when she notices her best friend almost caught her not out on a date. The recipient of her kiss just happens to be Adam Carlson, a professor in her department.  

Olive must either fess up to her friend or convince Adam to fake date her. She decides to choose the “easier” option. So, she gets to fake date Adam for a couple months. What could go wrong? 

This book is one of the most popular contemporary romances of 2021. It rose to fame because it was originally one of the most popular Star Wars fanfiction stories.  

This book is perfect for romance readers because it is witty, entertaining and easygoing.