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Hats off to city employees 

By Randy Garrison

To say this has been an unusual time would be an understatement. Who would have thought when we began our journey of the past couple years we would be dealing with imposing quarantines, wearing masks, closing entire city facilities and watching friends and family struggle with a virus that has taken many lives. 

I use the word “journey” because that is how I look at how we move through the time God allocates to each of us on this earth.  

I mention “our” journey because we are all in this together. All of us, regardless of the position held in the city, work together to serve the citizens of Hartselle. 

Each role played is important. The operation of the city and all of the services offered would be at a great disadvantage without each employee. Just as the spokes of a wheel are needed to maintain the integrity of the wheel and keep it in motion, so it is with the entire workforce of the City of Hartselle. 

If you have been in business for yourself or run a business, you learn quickly that your employees are your best asset. Now, many might think your ability to produce goods and services, or the funds you receive for the goods and services, are what make your business successful, but without your people, you will soon fail at most operations. 

The City of Hartselle is no exception.  

We have some of the most dedicated folks I have ever had the privilege to work alongside each and every day. Regardless of the job, each employee works just like they are working for each citizen of our city.  

One of the reasons I can attest to this is because of the pride they take in their jobs and the number of our folks who call, text, email or let me know in person how great our city employees are. 

The folks at City Hall are always ready and willing to help with any question or need you might have. Whether you need a garage sale permit or information on building a home or opening a business – or you just need information – they are a great source of help and information.  

This includes administration and department of development folks. 

The employees at Parks and Recreation work endlessly to keep all of the recreation fields and facilities in top-notch shape. They also take care of making sure the Hartselle City Cemetery grounds are well maintained. Other city-owned property’s grounds are also handled by the men and ladies at Parks and Rec. 

Our police and fire service officers have worked tirelessly day in and day out, especially during the past year and a half with COVID. They have never stopped working to provide emergency care in whatever need happened to come their way.  

Each one is a 911 call away from being there to help when needed.  

Each first responder is dedicated to the citizens in Hartselle and will always go above and beyond to serve in whatever emergency need arises.  

Hartselle Public Works employees do not always get the notoriety they deserve. These folks work in all kinds of weather and circumstances to make sure the needs of the citizens in Hartselle are met. Your trash is emptied weekly, along with other debris, and I see posts and receive calls about the drivers going out of their way to come back and pick up trash if a bin is blocked or if they see you bringing your bin to the street.  

After hours and weekends, they might have to come out after a heavy rain, storm or other event and take care of street damage or other needs. 

I can’t say enough about the City of Hartselle’s employees, but I can say I am blessed to work with each of them and proud of the job they do. If you get a chance let them know you appreciate them, they are great folks.