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Are you ready to be set free in Christ?

By Todd Barrier


I read a story about a man who was touring an elephant camp. It is a place where they train elephants for things like zoos or a circus.

The most amazing part to the man was how the elephants who weren’t being trained were held in place. Each one was tethered to a wooden stake by one rope attached to its back leg.

The man couldn’t believe the elephants didn’t escape and destroy the whole camp. He asked a trainer why the elephants don’t escape.

The trainer explained that when the elephants were young and small, they were too weak to escape. By the time they grew up, they had been conditioned to think they couldn’t pull free, when in reality they could easily break the rope.

Sometimes in our relationship with God, we go through the same struggle. We want to let go of things that are holding us back from God, but we have conditioned ourselves to believe we can’t change and nothing can be done.

In reality, the Bible teaches us we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Phil. 4:13).

Jesus is a chain breaker, and he can break the chains – the elephant ropes – that are holding us back from a reality with Him.

Are you ready to be set free in Christ?