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Rebekah Yancey

Back to life again

For anyone who might have noticed the absence of my column this past week, let me explain – and tell you why I’m so very thankful for modern medicine and the fact that I live a quarter mile from Hartselle Family Medicine and its quick clinic.

The week before, I had what I consider to be a “baby version” of the sniffles. I came to work every day and didn’t even feel that bad, considering a cold will usually knock me out for three days.

You can ask my mom: I’m really a wimp.

Something happened once the weekend arrived though. An invisible buffalo parked himself on my chest with a fervor I have never felt before in my 32 years.

It was deep in my chest, and it rattled and moved when I did. It was quite scary at first and very painful.

I was fully convinced either COVID had finally gotten me or I would soon be diagnosed with double pneumonia. I was miserable.

Monday morning, early, I woke up and went to Hartselle Family Medicine’s quick clinic. Here’s the part where I’m thankful for doctors and nurses who do their jobs with care and compassion every day without fail.

It wasn’t COVID or even pneumonia.

After two shots, a Z-pack and a steroid, plus round-the-clock Mucinex D for five days, I’m finally starting feel like myself again. I’m still coughing, but thanks to some grape-flavored Delsym, my husband and I can sleep through the night with little interruption.

There was a time in my life when I was so stubborn, I would fight a cold – or even some other, more serious sickness – by myself and feel miserable for much longer than needed, just because I didn’t like going to the doctor.

Well, something changed when I was in my mid-20s, and now, if I can get shot and feel better like I did this past week, I’ll roll up my sleeve in a split second.

Sign me up for it all. Like I said – I’m a wimp.

Last Monday I didn’t even feel as though I could write a column to fill this space. I’m thankful that today I’m breathing easier and feeling more like a human.

Thanks to our healthcare workers everywhere but especially those on Mynatt Street who helped me so much last week. You’re very appreciated!