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Books of the Week

Title: “Pride and Premeditation” 

Author: Tirzah Price 

Reading Level: Young adult/adult 

 “Pride and Premeditation” is a retelling of Jane Austen’s classic as a murder mystery.  

Elizabeth Bennet’s dream is to be a barrister; however, she is a woman, and that is very looked down upon.  

Her father says if she can prove with logic that she is capable, she can work as a barrister for him.  

She sets out to find a case that will allow her to prove herself. The case that catches her eye is the murder of Mr. Hurst.  

Charles Bingley is charged with his murder; however, Lizzie thinks he is innocent and sets out to prove it. 

This book is a great rewrite of the classic novel. It’s prefect for mystery lovers and readers who like enemies-to-lovers scenarios.  


Title: “Girl, 11” 

Author: Amy Suiter Clarke 

 Elle Castillo is a former Child Protective Services agent who now does a podcast on true crimes. She focuses mainly on aiding police in crimes against children.   

She shows particular interest in a serial killer from 20 years ago who was never apprehended. Although he is thought to be dead, Elle believes some recent crimes are an indication TCK – The Countdown Killer – is active again.   

In her determination to persuade her peers TCK is back, she forgets to pick up her best friend’s daughter from piano practice. When she gets to the teacher’s house, Natalie is gone, and her phone is smashed on the street.   

Elle is in a panic to find her before time is up and TCK gets away again.