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Book of the Week April 19 – 23

TitleToot & Puddle: How Does Your Garden Grow 

Author: Holly Hobbie 

Reading level: Young children 

Toot and Puddle, with help from cousin Opal, are planting the dream garden they’ve always wanted – but when the plants arrive, so does trouble.  

Someone, or something, keeps eating all of the spinach!  

Not wanting to share with the thief, they try everything, from putting up signs to fencing the garden in, all to keep out the unwanted visitor.  

When the trio finally does find out who’s eating all the vegetables, they decide maybe sharing is the best way to go after all. 

 It’s an adventure for Toot and Puddle. They quickly learn that although gardens are lovely, they are also quite a bit of hard work. It takes a lot of diligence and responsibility, but they are up for it. This book helps young children learn what goes into a garden, what makes it grow and the care that’s needed.