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Hartselle Drama boasts superstars

By Randy Garrison 

If you have not had the privilege of attending a production by the Hartselle Drama departmentyou have truly missed a great experience.  

I have been able to attend several of these productions over the years, and each one seems to be even better than the last. The young folks in Hartselle work hard to put on professional productions that leaves the audience in awe of the talent possessed by the cast and crew. 

These talented community players vary in age. The cast works hard, with many hours of rehearsal time before the curtain call, and moves through the production in what to me seems a near perfect performance. The behind-the-scenes folks for sound, scenery and stage have the production down to almost a science. It is truly something the entire community should be proud of and support. 

This year’s production was no different, in the way it was presented and performed with excellence. Beginning this past Thursday, the cast and crew performed the play “Annie.” Well, without a doubt, the sun did come out and shone brightly – under the lights of the stage at the auditorium at Hartselle High School for each of the performances. 

For those who are not familiar with “Annie,” it is a musical comedy drama based on the “Little Orphan Annie” comic strip. The play has run on Broadway and been recreated as several feature films, as well.  

It is truly hard to put into words what an amazing job the young actors did on stage. The speaking parts, musical numbers, choreography and acting were unbelievable. When you think of the age of some of the actors who learned lines, dance moves and lyrics – true talent was shown by each one. 

It takes a village to put on a performance such as this one. There are most likely as many folks behind the scenes as on stage. Director Lisa King and all who helped with the production are dedicated to the students who are putting so much time and effort into it 

While some of the actors have been doing this for years, some have just begun their time in drama. 

I was also able to peek behind the curtain during this year’s production. Lisa King asked if I would do a cameo appearance during the performance Saturday afternoon. I had just a couple of lines, as the judge who would handle the adoption of Annie by Daddy Warbucks. Behind the curtain, you are amazed at how much work is going on to keep the production moving, each set changed and the music cued at the appropriate times.  

I would like to offer my thanks to all who give of their time, talent and service to work with the drama students enabling such a great production to take place in our community. 

We are lucky and blessed to have people willing to support the arts and drama in our city. You are greatly appreciated. To the young actors, thanks for sharing your time and talent with all of us in the community. 

Thanks for letting me be a small part of this year’s production. 

The sun will come out tomorrow, and you made a weekend brighter for all of us.