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Another issue of Hartselle Living is on its way

I sent another issue of Hartselle Living to press this week and, while I know I’m a little biased, I have to say: They just keep getting better and better!  

The May/June 2021 issue of the magazine makes me happy, and I’m so excited for its delivery in a couple of weeks. It’s like my birthday all over again every time I see that big white truck pull up with a special magazine delivery for us.  

As I wrote in my note from the editor in the magazine itself, the interviews I conducted for this issue didn’t feel like interviews but conversations with old friends. I knew then that this would be one of my favorites.  

It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s packed with beautiful photos from my good friend Rachel Howard.  

I’m already looking for stories to write and tell for the July/August issue  and I have a lead on a story that will make a good addition.  

I’m glad to hear so many people like the magazine and enjoy reading about their friends and neighbors, their accomplishments and what they’re doing to better their community. By the way, if you‘re reading the magazine or newspaper in public, and you feel like someone is watching you – it’s just me, beaming with pride 

It’s not just the magazine; I know the newspaper is also enjoyed by its loyal readers, and I’m thankful for all of you. The Hartselle Enquirer has a long history and, after more than three years now of playing a part in its story, I hope to have done a little good in some small way.  

I’m not trying to be something I’m not, but I believe in the important role a local newspaper can play in a community, and I’m proud of the job we’re doing here.  

I hope that feeling never goes away.