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Books of the Week April 5 – 9

TitleWe are Water Protectors 

Author: Carole Lindstrom 

Illustrator: Michaela Goade 

Reviewer: Sarah Laughmiller 

When a black snake comes and tries to destroy the Earth, poisoning the water, young girl fights to protect the Earth and her people’s water. Water, the Earth’s most valuable resource, is being threatened, but this brave young girl is taking a stand for what she believes in.  

This young water protector has great courage to stand up and fight to protect the water supply that’s being contaminated. Many come together to keep their water safe.  

Water affects us all and connects us all. 

This awardwinning book is wonderful tool for Earth Day. It talks about the importance of taking care of your home and resources. The vivid artistry alone tells the importance of protecting the Earth.   

Check this new addition and the many others out at the library! 

Title: Self-Sufficient Living: Backyard Farming  

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 

If you are wanting to start a small farm in your backyard, this book is for you!  

You will find the techniques and equipment that will help you start your new adventure. The book has information on the types of small livestock that will best fit your yard and the different types of vegetables that will go a long way toward feeding and caring for your family.  

It has chapters on fencing, pest control, various types of tools and growing by the seasons.  

In the back of the book is a handy glossary for those who are just now getting into backyard farming, which will help you learn what you need to know.