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William Bradford Huie Library recognizes Women of Hartselle

Throughout the month of March, the William Bradford Huie Library has been participating in Women’s History Month and doing its part to shine a light on women in Hartselle.  

“Not only have we recognized the incredible hardworking, persevering and trailblazing women throughout history, we also came up with an idea to honor the amazing women in our community,” explained assistant librarian Sarah Laughmiller. “We have been doing a project here at the William Bradford Huie Library centered on women of Hartselle.  

We are photographing ladies of Hartselle that come into the library and getting a quick about me from each one. For example, their favorite book and author, what they love most about Hartselle and advice they would give to young women.” 

The purpose, Laughmiller said, is to honor women in the community 

“These women are educators, small business owners, city council members, therapists and ladies topping the charts in the music industry,” she said. “These are women who keep our city running and encourage those coming after them.”  

HartselleLaughmiller added, prides itsself on being the ‘City of Southern Hospitality,’ and that hospitality starts with these women.  

“They are the ones that make Hartselle so inviting and give it that home and comfort feeling,” she said. We wouldn’t be here without women like them. We wanted to make the ladies of Hartselle feel appreciated and supported.  

Laughmiller said the display will be up well into April for anyone who would like to stop by and see it. 

Additionally, a display that features women in the school system, public and private businesses has been showcased as a part of the mission.  

Sarah worked really hard on (the project), and we were able to submit it and get it all done,” library manager Michelle Blaylock said. 

We really like reading what they have written, and even after the month is over, we are going to laminate the displays and keep them,” Patricia Poe added.