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Books of the Week March 8 – 12

TitleUnfinished: A Memoir 

Author: Priyanka Chopra Jonas 

Reviewer: Sarah Laughmiller 

From the time Priyanka Chopra Jonas was a little girl, she had a spark and a drive within her. That determination sent her across the world.  

It was not always easy for her. Growing up in India, where their culture is so different than it is here in America, Priyanka’s strong will and love of her family led her on an incredible journey.  

She left home as a young girl and went to boarding school. Then she went to high school in America. Her world changed again when she won Miss India World. From there, she jumped into the entertainment industry.  

She credits so much of who she is to the love and support of not only her parents but also her extended family.  

She writes of being bullied, of a butchered nasal repair, of losing her father to cancer and so much more. She even writes about meeting and marrying her husband, Nick Jonas.  

Priyanka’s story is encouraging to many. She has come a long way, stays grounded and is most definitely not done yet.  

TitleThe Bear Ate Your Sandwich 

Author: Julia Sarcone-Roach 

AR Level: 2.5 

We have so many new books arriving at the William Bradford Huie Library, it is difficult to decide which ones to review! Since Jan. 1, 2021, we have added almost 1,000 books to our collection.   

This one is about a mischievous, hungry bear who went on an adventure in a new type of “forest.” We call this “forest” a city.   

The narrator begins by stating that although you know by now the bear ate your sandwich, you do not know how it happenedIt all started with a hungry bear and a truck full of strawberries.   

This fantastic book follows Bear on his big city adventure and gives his point of view on this new “forest.”  Of course, the best part is at the end of the book when the reader discovers who is actually narrating.  

We hope to see you soon at the library!