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Joan Young Lang publishes first novel

Joan Young Lang recently published her first novel, “I Would Walk A Thousand Miles.  

Joan said she never thought her book would ever be published. In fact, her writings had been lying on a shelf for nearly five years when some friends, who are also writers and publishers, read it and encouraged her to have it published. 

Joan said she is overjoyed how well her book has been received.  

Joan loved hearing her mother and father talk about “the old times. They would tell stories passed down for generations. These conversations stirred Joan’s desire to learn more about her early ancestors, and after considerable research into the Young and Milam families, Joan penned her first novel.  

This is a story of a man who left his home and his family in the early 1800s and traveled hundreds of miles, most on foot, following his future bride to the new land of the South.  

The young couple worked hard and acquired much, and their deep enduring love for each other helped them survive the trials and heartaches they faced 

Joan Young Lang held a book signing at the Wren Antique Auction March 1. She will be holding another book signing May 15 at the Jackson House seafood celebration starting at 10 a.m. and lasting most of the day.  

Anyone interested in purchasing Joanbook can do so at Amazon.com or contact Joan at 256-974-0152.  

The price of the book is $15 dollars. I really enjoyed reading it and found it to be a wonderful blend of history and romance. 

Liberty Community Church thold fundraiser  

The members of Liberty Community Church will hold a fundraiser“LeUEgg Your Yard,” April 2-3. The cost will be $25 for 30 eggs, $35 for 50 eggs$45 for 75 eggs and $60 for 100 eggs. 

 All proceeds will go to toward purchasing new windows for the church. All support will be greatly appreciated.  

Danville High School Announcement  

Danville High School will hold a cheerleader clinic March 15, 16 and 18. Tryouts will be March 19.  

The clinic is required to try out. Tryout packets can be picked up from Coach Leah Norman.