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Books of the Week Mar. 1 – 5

TitleThe Children’s Train 

Author: Viola Ardone  

This is a fantastic book that was originally a bestseller in Europe, written by Italian author Viola Ardone.  

It is written from the perspective of 7-year-old Amerigo Speranza, who is struggling along with his mother as Naples is ravaged by World War II.  When his mother hears about the rescue operation called “The Children’s Train,” she feels she has no choice but to let him go in hopes of saving him.   

True to their word, the rescuers take the children north, where they are welcomed into families and their lives are filled with school, music, farming and plenty of food.  

Six months later, when Amerigo returns to his home, he discovers life has grown even harder than before. He begins to long for the family he stayed with in the north.   

Where will his decisions lead him, and how will they change his life? 

Stop by the library and check out this amazing book!   

Title: “When Twilight Breaks  

Author: Sarah Sundin 

Reviewer: Patricia Poe  

Sarah Sundin has written another beautifullytold World War II novel, based in Munich in 1938. The main characters – Evelyn, an American foreign correspondent, and Peter, an American graduate student working on his PhD in German – are about to find themselves drawn into the midst of the gathering storm of World War II.  

This story is crafted with complex characters that draw you in and leave you wanting more of their story after it has ended.  

Sundin’s trademark depth of research is evident in the history weaved into the story.  

If you need a gripping novel with a touch of romance and humor, please try “When Twilight Breaks” by Sarah Sundin. It is available for checkout at the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle. We hope to see you soon.