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Christiana Holmes & Lucas Weiler – August 29, 2020

Photos by Raw Images  

How You Met: Lucas and I met at work. Lucas had already been working at Dynetics for a year when I started working there. We met on my first day when I moved into the empty desk in Lucas’ office. I was very unsure of Lucas for the first month. I even told my friends I didn’t think I liked him. I knew he was interested in me, but I didn’t want to have feelings for a coworker. Within a month, I had broken him of his shyness with me, and we began to form a friendship, as we had deep conversations every morning before our other officemate got to work. A few weeks later, our friends bailed on a group trip to Six Flags, and Lucas asked me if I would still want to go with him “as a date.” I knew he was the one after that date 

The Proposal: Lucas had it all planned out. He was going to propose to me in Big Spring Park on a Saturday night in January. He told me we were going to a Havoc game with my sister and brother-in-law. Severe weather started moving through Huntsville Saturday afternoon, and he realized that it was going to be pouring rain when he wanted to propose. My sister then pretended my nephew wasn’t feeling well, so she cancelled our double date. Lucas still wanted to propose there, so they pretended we would be charged a fee for cancelling our dinner reservations. If we just postponed it to the next day, they claimed, we wouldn’t have to pay the fee, so they made reservations for lunch Sunday. By this point, I had figured out what was going on and just agreed to whatever they said! The next day, while we were “waiting” for our table to be ready, we went to walk around Big Spring Park. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, Lucas gave me a card with a poem written inside. That’s Lucas’ thing: Every birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc., he writes me a poem. When I finished reading, I looked up to see him down on one knee.  

Favorite Moment from the Big Day: We did a first look, and when Lucas turned around and saw me, he teared up. Lucas is not a super emotional guy, so this was such a surprise to me! We both ended up crying. The look on his face when he saw me is something I’ll cherish forever and never forget. My second favorite moment was the intimate family dinner we had in place of a reception. COVID-19 ruined a lot of things about our wedding, but that is one of the things I am thankful it brought us that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise 

Favorite Wedding Details (songs, flowers: loved my flowers! Party Petals by Deana did an amazing job. I still have dreams about that arch over my parents’ front doors. 

What You Are Doing Now: We are still working together at Dynetics, but we no longer share an office. We are also still planning a wedding reception for 2021 so we can celebrate our marriage with more friends and family. 



Venue: My parents’ house in Hartselle  

Wedding Planner: RAW Images  

Florist: Party Petals by Deana 

Caterer: JW Steakhouse 

Cake: The Sweet Thyme Bakery  

Wedding Dress: Martina Liana from The Something Blue Shoppe 

Hair and makeup: Hair — Kimberly Chunn at Silverstone Salon; Makeup  Sloan Godsey Sittason