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Arrest Reports Dec. 10, 2020, through Jan. 31, 2021

Kalen Simone Brooks, 4-10-2001, Hartselle, theft of propertyshoplifting 

Alissa Marie Massey, 9-10-2001, Decatur, theft of propertyshoplifting 

Heather Brook Abdalla, 5-9-1983, Hartselle, theft of propertyshoplifting 

Courtney Onese Sykes, 1-24-1988, Hartselle, driving under the influence-alcohol 

David Lamar Stokes, 3-27-1983, Decatur, probation violation 

Benjamin Edker Urban, 1-8-1991, Hartselle, public intoxication and illegal possession of prescription drugs 

Jacklyn Brooke Pounders, 3-25-1986, Hartselle, theft of propertyshoplifting 

David Quinton Lee Russell, 7-5-1991, Hartselle, possession of marijuana, second degree 

James William Watts, 7-3-1963, Hartselle, driving under the influencecontrolled substance 

Tyler Dean Hammock, 2-9-1997, Hartselle, driving under the influencealcohol and open container of alcohol in vehicle 

David Gary Bolan, 10-5-1964, Hartselle, harassment and resisting arrest 

Elizabeth Danielle Owen, 12-27-1988, Hartselle, theft of property, third degree–shoplifting 

Jerry Key Reed Jr. 3-22-1996, Decatur, robbery 

Early Maurice Hawthorne, 6-16-1967, Hartselle, possession of a forged instrument and possession of marijuana 

Preston David woods, 2-1-1991, Hartselle, public lewdness, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest 

Haleb Jaleem Napier, 11-17-1998, Hartselle, possession of marijuana and possession of a concealed weapon without a permit 

Whitney Bama Thomas, 7-18-1978, Hartselle, theft of propertyshoplifting