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Books of the Week Jan. 4 – 8

Book: Instant Karma 

Author: Marissa Meyer 

Age Group: Young Adult 

Prudence Daniels is like any other teenager. She is very judgmental of people she perceives to be lazy and arrogant. She dreams of a day when those people will get a dose of needed Karma. Her dream becomes reality when she wakes up with the ability to make people reap what they sew. However, one boy is immune to her acts of Karmic justice. 

This book is perfect for readers who enjoy when romantic feelings develop between enemies. This book is also go for readers wondering what life would be like if people were subjected to karma. This is a New Young Adult must read. 


New DVD movies at the library 

By Patricia Poe 

  1. Bill and Ted Face the Music 
  1. 1917 
  1. The Call of the Wild  
  1. Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital  
  1. Mulan 
  1. The New Mutants 
  1. Spies in Disguise 
  1. The Scorch Trials 
  1. Cats & Dogs 3 : Paws Unite 
  1. The Secret Garden