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Falkville First Baptist Church collects offering for Lottie Moon

The members of Falkville First Baptist Church, according to pastor Stephen Cannon, placed a beautiful decorated box in the church as part of the Lottie Moon Christmas offering project.  

The purpose of the box is to give money to foreign missions. The Southern Baptist churches take up an offering every Christmas season.  

The offering is named after a woman who was a missionary to China in the last century. All the money that is collected is sent to the missionaries who are overseas sharing the gospel.  

The goal this year is $175 million.  

For every card that a member of Falkville Baptist Church plans to mail to a fellow memberthey bring the card to the church to put in the mailbox and give the amount of money that they would have used for postage to the offering.  

The members of Falkville First Baptist Church wish everyone a safe and blessed Christmas and New Year.  

Fairview—The Grace Place Church Activities  

The members of Fairview—The Grace Place Church are holding an Operation St. Nick Project to help families in the area.  

They have 22 families and six elderly in need of help with Christmas. Because of COVID-19, things have been difficult for a lot of families, and if you have the ability to sponsor someone, it would mean the world to them.  

Anyone wishing to help can call 256-784-5642 or visit www.fairviewthegraceplace.com. All gifts are due by Dec. 16.  

The members of FairviewThe Grace Place Church have also announced their plans for their next Night to Shine, which will be held virtually Feb. 12, 2021.