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Brother Tom Campbell shares thoughts on Thanksgiving

Special thanks go out this week to Brother Tom Campbell for sharing his Thanksgiving thoughts with us this week: 

I had an acquaintance who lived in the big city of Two Egg, Florida – hardly a city worth remembering, save for a few funny stories, told and too often retold, that survived the gatherings of the bench warmers of the community.  

One day, as the old guys gathered for their daily gossip – as if only women do such things – a stranger pulled up to the pumps and, having fueled his car, turned and asked, Can one of you gentlemen direct me to Two Egg?  

The owner of the store kinda grinned as he pushed back the bill of his old vintage Atlanta Braves cap and replied, Sir, if you take two steps past the porch, you will be out of it. Had he been in his moving vehicle and blinked his eyes, he would have missed it all together.  

For good reason, thinking of that story reminds me of what thanksgiving has become – not only as a holiday but as a general characteristic of our living.  

Think of it: Almost immediately after Labor Day, the stores shift into Halloween mode, where goblins, ghosts and horrific characters are given weeks of exposure. When the great pumpkin night is over, stores go full swing into Christmas.  

Thanksgiving is all but ignored, save for its use as the unofficial starting gun for Black Friday and the shopping season. It’s overlooked. 

Holiday movies blast from the first week of November and past December, using lots of carols but saying nothing about Christ. I guess He got overlooked as well.   

Wait a minute! We missed it. Stop! Don’t miss that “Two Egg” holiday: Thanksgiving!  

It might be small, but it is most important. It was originally celebrated as true thanksgiving for God’s provision by folks who had just enough to survive.  

Take the time to review the past year. Simmer and savor the joy of having friends, family and community. Consider the double helping of goodness that is the inheritance of all who live in this great nation.  

For dessert, load the plate of your living to the brim with the determination to help the less fortunate.  

Whatever you do, don’t blink. Don’t miss the great holiday of both giving and giving thanks.