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Are you building complete faith in God?

By Todd Barrier 

In James 1 the Bible tells us to count it all joy when we face various trials (1:2). How are we supposed to be joyful when tough times come our way?  

It’s all about perspective.  

In a purely worldly point of view, we would view tougher times as something we can’t really learn from and find no joy in; however, when we become Christians, the Bible says we are a new creation, and old things have been left behind. This includes our way of thinking.  

Now, the Bible doesn’t say these things won’t be painful or hurtful, but it says to count them all joy. So how do we do that 

If we continue on, the Bible says that as our faith works and develops patience through these tough times, our faith becomes perfect or complete (1:4) – meaning our faith matures as we go through these things and rely on God.  

So we can count tough times as a joy because we know if we have prepared for these times through our faith in God, when difficult things happen, we grow closer to God. What could be more joyful than that? 

Are you building a complete faith in God to help in all circumstances?