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Books of the Week Oct. 19 – 24

TitleHow to Catch a Monster 

Author: Adam Wallace 

Illustrator: Andy Elkerton 

Reading Level: 2.2 

This book is about a boy who gets the part of a ninja in a school play and decides to catch the monster in his closet. After all, if he is a ninja, he is also a hero, so there is no reason to fear that monster anymore!  

The boy lays traps for the closet monster but finds out the monster in his closet just wants to play. When bedtime comes, the young hero is ready to settle down because he no longer fears the monster in his closet. 

This is a fun, cute book, illustrated with bright colors. I believe it could also be used to help young children who fear the dark. Happy reading! 

TitlePetite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood 

Author: Mike Artell 

Reading Level: Children 

This children’s book is a different take on the classic fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. In this new take, Red Riding Hood is a duck called Petite Rouge who lives in a bayou in Louisiana. The Big Bad Alligator Claude is the Big Bad Wolf.  

Claude will do anything to make Petite Rouge his next meal. He will even pretend he is a duck. However, Petite Rouge is a Cajun duck and uses Cajun cuisine to fool Claude. 

This book is great for parents and children wanting to break away from traditional fairytales. This book captures authentic Cajun cooking and is written in the Cajun dialect. Also, the vibrant art style of the book matches the story perfectly. Any reader of this book will enjoy the outlandish characters and story.