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Are you connected?

By Todd Barrier  

This summer and fall, during the pandemic/lockdown, I have been doing weekly video devos for our youth group. They are called 5X5 devos, where I have a Bible verse or set of verses and break them down into five points in five minutes or less.  

It has been a good way to stay connected to each other and study the Bible during this difficult time.  

Things still aren’t completely back to normal and could go back to a more difficult situation at any moment. In those times during the lockdown and possibly looking into the future, what have you done to stay connected to your congregation and the Bible? 

Did you watch livestream videos? Did you attend Zoom classes? Did you meet with other Christians while social distancing and studying together?   

Whatever the situation is now or will be in the future, we need to make sure we stay connected to the Bible. Personal study is one of the best ways because we can do it at any time.  

The Bible tells us to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus (2 Peter 3:18). Whenever we are separated from our spiritual family, it is important to take advantage of the opportunities to stay connected to them as well. The Bible instructs us not to take that for granted (Hebrews 10:25).  

Whether it’s Bible study alone or with others, or time together for edification and fellowship, we should be looking for and craving opportunities to stay connected to God’s Word and His people.  

Are you connected?