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Books of the Week Oct. 12 – 16

Book Review by Patricia Poe 

Keto Soups & Stews by Carolyn Ketchum 

With the weather about to change, we pull out our crock pots or slow cookers and start making stew, soups and other warm and delicious meals. In our book Keto soups & stews, you will find economical and simple recipes to follow. There are recipes that are freezer-friendly and vegetarian as well. In the back of the book are recipes for different types of Keto breads such as bacon fat biscuits and cheesy skillet bread. We hope you enjoy this recipe book when you check it out at the William Bradford Huie Library of Hartselle.  

Book: The Seer of Shadows 

Author:  Avi 

Reading Level: 5.2 

   This week I wanted to share a favorite creepy book.  I normally am not interested in “creepy” type books, but this one is wonderfully written.  The year is 1872. The place is New York City.  The main character is, Horace, a 14 year old boy who is apprenticed to a photographer.   A wealthy upper class lady employees them to take her and her husband’s portrait in hopes of seeing if they are haunted by their late niece.  The unscrupulous photographer finds a way to make it appear that there is a ghost in the pictures.  Unfortunately, they get more than they bargained for as the story unfolds and they discover the line between the living and the dead can be blurred.    

This story has terrific elements of mystery and the paranormal.  It is creepy and a bit scary toward the end, but not too much so.   I hope you will stop by to checkout this book or some of our other Halloween favorites.  Happy Reading!