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Books of the Week Sept. 14 – 18


Author: Catherine Rayner 

Reading Level: 1.8 

Abigail is a giraffe who loves to count. She tries to count leaves on trees, spots on a ladybug, stripes on a zebra and spots on a cheetah – but everyone keeps moving, making it near impossible to keep count!  Finally, she patiently teaches her friends how to count, and they find something that is perfect and almost endless to count.  

Hope to see you soon at the library! Happy reading! 

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 

Title: “Instant Pot Miracle: 6 Ingredients or Less  

Author: Ivy Manning 

Do you have a new Instant Pot and want to find easy, quick meals? This Instant Pot book has recipes that use six ingredients or less so you can have any type of meal – from breakfast to dinner – ready and on your table quickly.  

A great collection of recipes, a list of frequently asked questions about the Instant Pot, safety reminders and tips for great dishes are all in this fantastic book by Ivy Manning. The William Bradford Huie Library has the Instant Pot Miracle book on the shelf, waiting for you to check it out.