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Books of the Week Aug. 31 – Sept. 4

TitleA Discovery of Witches 

Author: Deborah Harkness 

Reading level: Adult 

A Discovery of Witches follows the increasingly complicated life of the witch Diana Bishop, a historian who is researching the history of alchemy 

In her pursuit, she is able to call a hidden book from the depths of the Bodleian Library. This book hasn’t been seen or read in centuries.  

Upon the release of the book, Diana starts being stalked by all manner of creatures; however, one creature doesn’t intend to harm Diana.  

Mathew De Clairmont, an old vampire, seeks to have Diana give him the book. They complicate their lives, however, by falling in love – because relations between species are forbidden. 

This novel is full of adventure and romance. The two main characters must find a way to be together.  

This book illustrates how difficult it is to go against societal pressures and expectations.  

This book is great for readers who love forbidden romances and the adventure that comes with it.  


TitleI’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer 

Author: Michelle McNamara 

Reading level: Adult 

This posthumously published book follows Michelle on her journey to solve the case of the Golden State Killer.  

From 19731986, the Golden State Killer committed more than 180 crimes, ranging from burglary to rape to murder.  

In 2006 Michelle started her website, the True Crime Diary, because of her love for true crime 

Her website allowed her to be introduced to the many cases and many names for the Golden State Killer. Her book explains in detail all of the gruesome and terrifying details of his crimes that she gathered from detectives, survivors and experts.  

Along with the case, Michelle explains how the difficulties in her life led her to pursue criminals rather than become one herself.  

Without her constantly investigating, the Golden State Killer might not have been caught. 

In the book, the reader is taken down the many alternative paths Michelle took to find the killer. These alternative paths show just how much ordinary citizens can help find criminals. Ordinary citizens have the time and resources to spend hours searching auction sites for stolen property and more.  

However, this book also explains how important it is to work along with law enforcement because cold cases stick with the detectives forever.  

This book is a great thriller for anyone who loves true crime novels. This book also has a satisfying ending because Michelle’s investigation directly caused his arrest and sentencing.