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God bless all of our students

I pray God will bless all of our students, school staff and all of their families this school year. This is a school year such as we have never had to deal with before.  

Many of our students are going to class online at their homes because of health issues. I know they miss the contact with their friends, at school and the normal daytoday learning with their classmates in one room.   

The activities of catching the bus or riding to school with Mom or Dad have been so much a part of our lives that it is hard to realize something we have always taken for granted is no longer a normal part of our lives.  

I ask that everyone join in prayer each day to heal our great country and, above all, protect our children and all of our loved ones.  

Kay Farrer expresses her appreciation this week to the Falkville Town Council for hosting the public library presentation Aug. 3 for her years of service on the library board. Many people have signed the Facebook page and left messages, which she has enjoyed very much.  

The flowers were also appreciated and have been very beautiful, and Kay also expresses her appreciation for the crystal gift, which is treasured.  

Wonderful happy birthday wishes go out this week for the following August birthday honorees: Scottie Weeks, Hannah Campbell, Jeremy Johnson, Annie Smith, Helen Alred, Tommy Spinks, Jennifer Hunt, Bennett Smith, Louise Morris, Lydia Smith, Steve Poole, Stanley Self, Maxine Franklin, David Ian Jones, Cissy Locklear, Leslie McAbee, Emily Lacy, Aubrey McLamb, Ella Patterson, Jim Doherty, Christa Campbell, Melissa Griffin, Lexi Mears, Andrew Terry, Becky Smith, Jimmy Dobbins and Gabriel Norton. 

Congratulations, with God’s blessings.