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Daystar Church hosts Paint Wars

From coolers overflowing with paint-filled balloons, to childhood classics like “Duck, DuckGoose” and “Sharks and Minnows,” Daystar Church’s recent Paint Wars event boasted plenty of options for a fun-filled night. 

Church pastor Tom Watson said the night began with several classic games converted to become paint-saturated versions of the originals. In these variations, somewhere between 50-60 students from sixth grade to college age were armed to the teeth with pantyhose loaded full of dry paint, but the actual color battle was absolutely epic,” he said. “The color war rules were fairly simple … We separated the kids into two teams, with each team having their own color powder. Each side did its level best to attempt to cover the other team in their assigned color.  

However, eventually the battle just devolved into a color cloud, where it was everyone for themselves. After bags and bags of the colored powder had been emptied, each side resorted to simply collecting paint and scooping it off the ground then heaping it on one another.  

We fully expect these nights to continue to grow and intend for them to be completely free to any and all students in Morgan County.” 

The Hartselle campus of Daystar Church has held several similar events this summer. Watson said because of the lack of public events because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this church wants to offer children in the area “good, Godly fun.”