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Hartselle seeks grant for green space project

Hartselle is seeking a $50,000 grant from the AMRC RC&D Council to assist in the construction of a lighted and landscaped walkway linking the downtown area and the Farmers Market. 

Mayor Randy Garrison was granted permission by the city council to apply for the grant at a regular council meeting July 28. 

“The upside of the walkway,” said Garrison, “is citizens who visit the Farmers Market for shopping or for other events can walk safely to the downtown area, where they can shop, dine and spend quality family time. Likewise, they can walk to the Farmers Market and shop or attend events that could be held there.” 

Garrison said the cost of the first of three phases is $76,740, of which $26,740 will be provided by the city, either in cash or through in-kind services. 

The first phase consists of a painted walkway with overhead lighting, beginning behind the Pocket Park on Main Street and extending to Hickory Street. Improvements will include additional picnic tables and assorted trees and flowering plants to accent the walkway. 

The city recently purchased property between Hickory Street and the Farmers Market and will use the space to implement the second phase of the project.  

The storage units there now will be removed, providing an open space between Hickory Street and the Farmers Market. Garrison said the space will be used for a stage and areas for seating and displays, with additional green space along its borders. 

The third and final phase consists of additional parking and green space for the Farmers Market. More trees and grassy areas will border the property, along with a pavilion for gatherings or overflows when needed for the market. 

“We began having discussions on how we could connect the Farmers Market to downtown when it was built four years ago,” Garrison said. “Sam Barnett, the architect, took our ideas and turned them into exactly what we were looking for.”