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Shady Grove Baptist Church hosts blood drive Aug. 16

Shady Grove Baptist Church will hold a blood drive Aug. 16 from 12:305 p.m. in the LifeSouth bloodmobile.  

As the saying goes, it’s never been so simple to be so significant. One pint of blood saves three lives.  

As an added bonus, all donors will be tested for COVID19 antibodies.  

Please support the blood drive and remember the life you save could be yours, loved ones or a friend’s! All help will be greatly appreciated.  

In other Shady Grove news, a front pew shower was held for Haley Brechtel, bride elect of Jared Callahan, Aug. 2 at Shady Grove Baptist Church.  

The members of Shady Grove Baptist Church remember in loving memory this week Grace Taylor, who lived from Aug. 8, 1907, to June 13, 2009, and also Mike Holbert, who lived from Aug. 21, 1957, to Aug. 8, 1994. 

Area Community Activities  

Special congratulations go out this week to Sarah Lindsey Logan for earning her Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree, with a minor in business, Aug. 8 at 7 a.m. at Jordan Hare Stadium.  

The Annual Community Wide Campus Prayer Walk was held Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. The walk was sponsored by First Priority to claim the campuses for Christ. 

Chance and Jessica Higdon took the Fairview Youth to a private beach for a picnic Aug. 1.  

Our Morgan County Schools open back up Aug. 12. I pray all of our students, staff and their families will have a safe and healthy school year.  

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