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Books of the Week August 3 – 7

TitleThe Little Red Pen 

Author: Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel 

Book level: 2.0 

This is a perfect backtoschool book.  

Little Red Pen has a desk full of papers to grade, but will anyone help her? All of the other desk supplies have excuses, even after Little Red Pen’s impassioned speech warning that the world might end if the students’ papers do not get graded!   

When Little Red Pen falls into the “Pit” – or waste basket – the adventure begins, as everyone learns how to work together using their individual strengths to solve a problem.   

This is an awesome storytime book that has great illustrations.  

Hope to see you soon at the library! Happy reading! 

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 

Title: “Ronan the Librarian  

Author: Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie 


Ronan the barbarian was the leader of a group of barbarians. He loved to raid villages and then trade the items he had gotten in each raid.  

One day he raided a village, and the only things he found were books. No one wanted to trade with him because barbarians do not read. But Ronan read one book and wanted more.  

He no longer raided to trade; he raided to find more books to read. Soon he was overflowing with books and had no place to put them.  

Ronan built a library to hold all of the books, and now he just has to get his village of barbarians to love reading as much as he does.  

Do the barbarians raid, or do they read? Come check out this great children’s book to find out what happens to Ronan the librarian and his village of barbarians.