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Is your faith ready to weather a storm?

By Todd Barrier  

At the moment I am writing this article, there is a storm going on around me.  

The thunder is rolling. The wind is blowing hard. The clouds are dark, and the lightning is fierce in the distance.  

Isn’t this how life feels sometimes? One thing is rumbling in our lives and always seems to be followed by something even more daunting the very next moment.  

As children of God we aren’t promised a stormfree life – quite the opposite actually. What are we to do in those moments, those seasons, those years of storms?  

In the Bible we all know the story of the disciples on the boat with Jesus in the middle of the storm in the sea. In Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus calmed the storm. In another stormy incident, Jesus walked on the water during a storm. In Matthew 14:22-33 during the storm, Jesus was on the water, and Peter walked out to him, sinking until he grabbed Jesus’ hand.  

In both happenings, the storm was overtaking them, and Jesus mentioned their lack of faith was the reason they were afraid. Both times Jesus stopped the storm.  

We have such comfort in knowing Jesus can calm the many storms that will come in our lives. We just have to grow in our faith and grab hold of His hand to begin the process of our storms being conquered! 

Is your faith ready to weather a storm?