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Discounted SAT, ACT prep courses aid Alabama students

Special to the Enquirer  

The Alabama High School Athletic Association announced July 7 that it is continuing its support of the National SAT/ACT Prep Project through the National Federation of High Schools and eKnowledge – an association through which Alabama students can receive a 95 percent discount on SAT or ACT prep courses.  

According to the AHSAA, this is a community-service, no-profit project, and all student fees are reinvested to improve the program and reach more families. The project has already assisted almost 300,000 families and has more than 45,000 five-star reviews. 

The project started more than 15 years ago and is supported by more than 300 groups, organizations and professional athletes. A decade ago, the NFHS began to sponsor the project, and it is now the official program for all 19,500 member high schools and 12 million students.  

Parents of high school students in Alabama may request a discounted SAT or ACT PowerPrep Program at www.eknowledge.com/AHSAA or by telephone951-256-4076The program is accessible from any device and includes hundreds of hours of student classwork, 50plus hours of detailed video explanations, 360plus multimedia/video lessons, 29 automatically graded progress quizzes with detailed answers and more.