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Spirit of the American cowboy

Upcoming rodeo aims to bring encouragement, fun 

Having grown up in a farming community, Kolt Barber said the cowboy lifestyle has always been a way of life. June 20, Barber will be bringing that American spirit to life at the Morgan County Celebration Arena during the American Cowboy Showdown.  

Barber said family-friendly event will be an actionpacked evening in which he hopes to be able to offer some fun in the wake of current events.  

“The American Cowboy Showdown is just something I have been wanting to do for a while. I have partnered up with a buddy of mine from Rockin’ K Rodeo, and the event is just to bring the American spirit alive, especially with all this craziness going on right now,” Barber said. We want to bring people together to forget about problems and just have a great time watching a high-energy, actionpacked rodeo and then a big country concert on the end of it, where everyone can cut loose and get away from the problems of everyday life.” 

For Barber, the event goes beyond entertainment and into a way of living. He said the evening will include bareback, saddle, bronc riding and barrel racing  highenergy events that will be followed by a country music concert by his band.  

“I grew up in a farming community with horses and cows, so it’s always been a way of life for me. I love the cowboy lifestyle and live that every day,” he said. I love horses and cattle, so rodeo is a natural fit.  

When it comes to the planned concert, “I have been playing music throughout the years and grew up on the old classics  what my grandad listened to,” Barber said. Growing up in the South, you get that influence really heavy, so we have brought all of that together for one big event. I am excited about it. I think people are going to be really impressed with what we’ve got ready for them.” 

The rodeo will begin at 7 p.m. Saturday, and tickets will be available at the gate for $20. Seating is first come, first serve, so Barber encouraged arriving early to secure the best seating. 

It’s going to be action packed,” Barber said. Then, as soon as the last bull is bucked and in the chute, we are going to open up the arena where people can come out of the stands and into the arena, and the concert will follow immediately. So it’s non-stop action.  

It’s a family friendly show; you can bring your kids or grandkids, and you can bring your parents,” Barber added. Everything there will be family friendly and all about the spirit of America and that cowboy spirit.  

Each of us has a little bit of cowboy in us. Some of us have a little more than others, but everyone has a little bit of cowboy.”