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Are you making excuses?

This week I will focus on the gospel of Luke again.  

There is so much to learn in the gospels, it’s hard to just pick one story! Today we will look at one of Jesus’ parables. The parables can teach us many lessons 

In Luke 14:16-24, we have the parable of The Great Supper.  

A great supper has been prepared, and the table has been set. The Bible says a certain man sent his servant to invite the ones he wanted to attend.  

Every last person had an excuse not to attend the party!  

The master then sends his servant to invite all of the poor and lowly. These invitees don’t make excuses when invited, and the table still has seats, even with all of those in attendance.  

In this parable we learn a few things about excuses:  

  1. Excuses are just thatexcuses, not legitimate reasons.  
  2. Excuses close the doors on opportunities. 
  3. Excuses can lead to an empty platespiritually speaking, if you reference Luke 14:24.  
  4. The invitation of God is open ended,and the seats at the table never fill up. There is always room for more. 

Are you making excuses in your relationship with God?  

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!