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Count your blessings

I am counting my blessings more now than ever before.  

I never thought we would be having to stay at home or at least 6 feet apart at stores of all kinds, including the supermarket, because of a pandemic. I will never again take for granted being able to attend a church service, visit someone at the hospital, eat out at a restaurant, attend a funeral, attend an auction, go to a beauty shop or just hang out with friends.  

I greatly appreciate our truck drivers, healthcare workers and all business employees who are there for us at the stores that remain open for our benefit. We would not be able to purchase the things we need in daytoday life without these men and women who come to work each day. We also would not be able to get the healthcare, when needed, without workers who come in at the hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare places.  

I am just thankful for the blessings, that I have been given, especially for the companionship of my Chihuahua, who I named for my hero in music, Hank Williams Sr. I wish God’s blessings to everyone today, tomorrow and always! 

Falkville Town Council Activities  

April 30 the Falkville Town Council held a special meeting in the courtroom.  

Members of the town hall staff, town boards and agencies received a cost of living adjustment and a step raise. Board members were pleased.  

The council received grant, and Brianna Colette Photography and Falkville Antiques were proud recipients of the grant money for facade improvements.  

The Council had am agreement with the county commission, regarding voting machines for the 2020 election.  

The Council will be following Gov. Ivey’s guidelines for reopening businesses, churches and civic events.  

Area food bank needs your donations  

The Carpenter’s Cabinet Food Bank and Resource Center in Falkville is in need of donations. They would really appreciate cash donations and donations of nonperishable food items.  

All donations are appreciated! 

The Carpenter’s Cabinet is open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.