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Fairview—The Grace Place screens parking lot movie

Fairview—The Grace Place Church hosted a parking lot movie for members and visitors April 15 at 7 p.m. Everyone enjoyed watching the Christian movie “The Overcomer. There were carloads of people attending the event. 

April 19 at 10 a.m. Rocky and Cassandra conducted the music service, and pastor Milan Dekich followed with the morning worship on live streaming. 

Kay Farrer shares her thoughts about pandemic  

I asked my good friend Kay Farrer to write about how the youth in her day handled a health scare in comparison to our youth today.  Thank you, Kay, for taking the time to do this project for me:  

The polio epidemic of the 1940s was the frightening and traumatic event of my youth. The word pandemic hadn’t been used, but it was serious enough.  

In my childhood another scare was World War II. One of my male relatives, in his 20s, had his life taken in 1947.  

Kay also shared the memory of one of her female cousins contracting polio at the age of 4; she survived and will be 75 years old this summer.  

It seemed more of an inconvenience to us as youth. The swimming pools were closed, and sports were cut short for team members and spectators.  

Kay says she missed the social events, such as the Home Demonstration Club, ice cream suppers and potluck meals at church and watermelon cuttings at the Speegle Spring near the Staples farm. The Farm Bureau annual picnic was also missed.  

We were impatient for our “normal,” and today’s youth are concerned but also impatient.  

While we had batteryoperated telephones and toys, the youth today have smartphones, Xboxes and iPads. We played card games, such as Authors and Rook, and today they are Facetiming on phones and playing the popular game Fortnite. We played Chinese checkers, with a beautiful set of marbles, and Monopoly.  

My greatnephew is missing going to eat chicken tenders, and his older siblings miss buffalo hot wings and great burgers. I missed greasy burgers and going to the Blue Bird Ice Cream Parlor in Cullman and People’s Drug Fountain in Hartselle.   

The youth now are missing having meetings with their friends and going places as a group.  My youth associates and I missed Saturday Western and war movies at Falkville’s Mars and Hartselle’s Strand theaters 

In our typing class, our first sentence was usually, “These are the times that try men’s souls.  That is our situation today, and our youth are stepping up and being responsible, although they are impatient for this to pass.  

Church Activities  

Corinth West Baptist Church members and visitors enjoyed a “DriveUp” church service April 19. Pastor Glenn Miller delivered the message April 5.  

The members of Corinth West Methodist Church also held a “DriveUp” service Sunday morning. Pastor Wayne Jetton conducted the service from the front porch with a microphone and speakers.