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Millie Evans, a junior at Hartselle High School, hangs a red ribbon on a light pole in downtown Hartselle.

A sign of faith

Hartselle residents encouraged to participate in Red Ribbon Mission 

A new nonprofit cohort in Hartselle is banding together to share the community’s common faith with all those who call Hartselle home.  

The Red Ribbon Mission is a worldwide movement with a goal of unifying communities in faith and prayer for the ending of COVID-19.  Last week, the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce, under the direction of the new Non-Profit Cohort began tying red ribbons on the lampposts in downtown Hartselle. More than 60 ribbons were tied. HACC executive director Missy Evans said the ribbons are a statement of faith and belief that God is near and working on behalf of the community, state, nation and the world in the midst of current events. 

 Just like the Israelites in the book of Exodus painted their door posts with the blood of the lamb as an act of faith that the plagues of Egypt would pass over them, these red ribbons are an act of faith in the power of the ultimate blood of the risen lamb of God, Jesus,” Evans said. “It’s a tangible object lesson that will show our community the faith of our citizens.”  

Hartselle residents are encouraged to participate in any way they can. Evans said if red ribbon is difficult to find, scarves and pillowcases can be used instead. “People can get creative and use what they have to participate,” she said.  

Participants are asked to then share a photo on the Non-Profit Cohort’s Facebook page. The page can be found online at www.facebook.com/HACC-Non-Profit-Cohort-108969664095910/  

Evans said the Nonprofit Cohort is made up of 45 individuals who represent more than 20 nonprofit organizations. It is chaired by Life Church pastor Brad Sheats. “It was his vision to organize nonprofit leaders in the area and bring their manpower, financial resources and creativity together in an organized way,” Evans said. “The Cohort will also sponsor the annual Serve Day held this summer as well as take active roles in other events. The organization is made up of some of the brightest and most effective service organizations in the Hartselle area. It was formed for the mutual benefit of collecting resources and sharing the task of impacting the needs of Hartselle for the greatest good.