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Mayor shares COVID-19 update

With each day bringing new changes to the COVID-19 situation,this information might change by the time it comes out in print. I wanted to share it in the newspaper, however,since many of you might not have access to social media.
The following information gives details about how the City of Hartselle is responding to COVID-19.City Hall will be accessible by appointment only. Please call 256-773-2535,and you will be provided information you might need or require.
City Hall will be staffed,and the phones are manned. If you need to speak with someone at City Hall,you will be transferred to that person.
The City of Hartselle Landfill will be closed Saturdays for the next few weeks;plans are to continue operating Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.until 4 p.m.
All city playgrounds are closed; you are welcome to use the walking trails at Sparkman Park, but please maintain the suggested 6 feet of distance between walkers
The pond at Sparkman Park is open for fishing,but again,keep at least 6 feet between people. Sparkman Civic Center and the William Bradford Huie Library remain closed to the public,but both are staffed to answer questions you might have. For Sparkman Civic Center call 256-773-2581, and for the library call 256-773-9880.
As always,for any emergency, please call 911.
For information from Hartselle Fire and Rescue,please call 256-773-2545. For non-emergency information or questions call Hartselle Police Department at 256-773-4913.
Municipal Court is postponed until May; please call 256-773-2703 for additional information or help.Garage sale permits will not be sold at this time.
The City of Hartselle moved to a reduced workforce beginning March 30. Employees are rotating time spent at their respective work stations and departments, which will result in less staffing in several departments.
This is being done to ensure city services can and will continue in the event an employee contracts COVID-19.The administration of the city feels that not having all of our employees at their work stations at the same time will minimize the exposure, should the virus make its way to a city department. The rotation will enable employees to limit their exposure.
What does this mean for our citizens? Perhaps longer times to answer phone calls and longer email response times. Trash pick-up times on your scheduled day might vary from the usual;brush might take longer to be picked up; potholes might take longer to repair; and the grass might get a little taller than normal on city property.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you.
However, be assured, emergency services will not be affected.
Thank you again for your patience and understanding. Please feel free to contact any city department with any questions and concerns you might have.
A special request from the mayor:Please follow guidelines and requests from authorities. Stay home as much as possible;there should no groups larger than 10 people;and remain 6 feet apart.
Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds any time you make contact with anything outside of your home and several times each day inside your home.
Limit your time away from home when not working. When you do need to be out for purchases or services,do it alone,and minimize the time you are in contact with others at the grocery store and other businesses that remain open.
While you might be young and healthy, you could carry the virus to someone who does not have youth and good health. It is a life-or-death situation.
Please continue to support our local businesses, restaurants and others that are allowed to stay open for business.
Take a walk, spend time with your family, participate in an online worship service, wave at your neighbor across the street–even have a conversation across the street. Check on the elderly, help your neighbor and most of all, pray that this soon passes.
We are Hartselle Strong,and together we will make it through these trying times and resume a “normal” life at hopefully a short time in the future.