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Books of the Week March 16 – 20

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe

William Bradford Huie Library

For the Enquirer

Title: “Breaking Up With Sugar  

Author: Molly Carmel 

Author and eating disorder therapist Molly Carmel has written a book dealing with the dangerous relationship people have with sugar.  

It has a step-by-step meal plan that will guide you through going sugar-free and will help you deal with the new way you should eat.  

Molly herself struggled with eating disorders and food addiction. In an effort to help society end the battle with sugar, just as Molly did, she is sharing her ideas and information with everyone.  

TitleThe Uncommoners 

Author: Jennifer Bell 

Reading Level: 5.3  

Did you like Harry Potter? If so, this series might be for you.   

Author Jennifer Bell takes you into the underground world of Lundinor, a world where things are not always as they appear.  

The most common objects may be enchanted to do extraordinary things. For example, bespelled bells offer directions, toilet brushes can be weapons, and belts help with a quick getaway.   

Two siblings, Ivy and Seb, are thrown into this world with the kidnapping of their parents. They must navigate this new world, find a way to save their parents and, of course, avoid the bad guys. 

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