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Hartselle schools take early precautions against COVID-19 

Hartselle City Schools is implementing a comprehensive health plan to keep all students and employees safe and healthy in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  

In a letter sent out to parents of all Hartselle City Schools students, Dr. Dee Dee Jones said Hartselle City Schools is focusing on preventing the spread of illness – reminding students and parents to practice good hygiene and keep children at home if they are symptomatic.  

“We are closely following the ongoing developments with the COVID-19 Coronavirus and are aligning our response with the recommendations of the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control,” Jones said in an email.  

Our first prevention goal is to reduce the spread of this virus and others in our schools through comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting strategies, and our second prevention goal is to consistently encourage good hygiene habits among our students and employees. 

Should we find that the virus is present in our schools, we have a plan in place for identifying and then separating those students who might be contagious,” Jones continued, saying the disinfecting strategies will continue. Should GovKay Ivey declare a State of Emergency or should an agency such as the Alabama Department of Public Health recommend that Hartselle City Schools close its doors for a period of time, we have a plan in place for meeting the needs of our students.  

Again, right now our focus is on prevention. We will continue to act responsibly and adhere to the recommendations made to schools.” 

Jones said Hartselle City Schools will continue to closely follow any preventative guidance set forth by the ADPH or other agencies.  

March 13 the state superintendent’s office, after the first confirmed case of the virus was reported in Alabama, advised school districts to use an abundance of caution and cancel events where 500 or more people would be expected to gather. “This would include performances, plays, athletics, conferences etc.,” the statement read, saying amended activities may still be appropriate if attendance can be limited.  

Further, Alabama schools have been advised to postpone or cancel any and all field trips, whether inside or outside of Alabama.