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Falkville mayor receives compensation adjustment

The Falkville Town Council approved a resolution adjusting the compensation of Mayor Ken Winkles as superintendent of the municipal water and sewer systems at a regular meeting March 2. 

According to the resolution, the mayor will receive $1,200 retroactive to Dec. 1, 2019, then $400 per month thereafter. Hshall continue to be provided with a town-owned vehicle for use in his duties and responsibilities as superintendent.  

In addition, he shall continue to be allowed the use of the vehicle for incidental personal uses, including fuel costs, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by the council. Incidental use shall always include driving to and from Town Hall or other places of official duty, and he shall be allowed to keep the vehicle at his home when not in use. 

He shall continue to be required to devote 20 hours to his duties as superintendent per calendar week. 

The council also awarded a contract to Bio-Chem Techniques Inc. for sludge removal at Lagoon No. 1 of the town’s wastewater treatment system at a cost of $132,700, payable in 10 monthly payments of $$13,270 each.  

The treatment process will require four months.  

The town’s capital improvement priority list was approved with three additions as follows: paint the old water tower, alignment of Buster and Douglas Roads and aerators for lagoons. 

Carryover projects listed are: Buster Road culvert, water upgradeconnect Broad to Piney Grove to RR circle, lagoon improvement, storm shelters, island buildRR and Highway 55 East, drainagePine Street/Highway 55 East, downtown beautification, streets/sidewalksresidential areas, right turn laneHighway 55 East/Highway 31 and parking lot and upgradingSources Building/Gordon Drive. 

Other agenda items were approved as follows:  

  • Police Chief Aaron Burgess was authorized to submit an application for a COPS Hiring Grant for an additional police officer. If funded, the grant will provide 75 percent of the officer’s entry-level salary for three years. 
  • Police Officer Levi George was promoted to the rank of sergeant, grade 19. 
  • The council approved rank of corporal for police officers William Riley and Cody Hudgins with no additional duties or pay increase. 
  • The council authorized the library board to accept the lowest responsible bid for the replacement of flooring in the library. 
  • The mayor was authorized to renew a maintenance contract with Falkville Cemetery Board for $6,000 per year. 
  • Appointments were approved as follows: library board, Anna Henderson; a special recognition and thanks were extended to Kay Farrer, who served on the library board for more than 20 years; cemetery board, Nina Winkles and Bonnie Thompson; park and recreation board, Chris Gandy and Tige Davis; and planning commission, Shane Bryan. 
  • The council declared as surplus property seven conference chairs in the library. 
  • The council approved a street repair at East Pike and Culver Road by Jones Brothers Paving for $1,500.