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Kay Farrer retires from Falkville Library Board

Kay Farrer recently retired from the Falkville Library Board after serving with three dedicated and talented librarians – Irene Bond, Dawn Estes and Jenny Asherbranner. All had different talents but the same love of books and the library.  

The first board meeting Kay was part of included Rhona Summerford as president, Bobby King as vice president, Judy Thompson as secretary and Carrie King as treasurer. The first project Kay helped with was a golf tournament fundraiser at Quail Creek.   

When Judy Thompson retired from the board, Kay became secretary. Judy told Kay that to do a good job as secretary, you have to hear fast and write fast.  

During the fundraiser project, the Friends of the Library group grilled hamburgers for everyones lunch. Kay was a member of that group before she was a board member.  

In the early 90s, before the library was opened, she helped get books donated by family, friends and area people.  

Her own interest in reading began with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys mystery books. Additionally, she and a cousin, Helen Hardwick, were starstruck and read movie magazines.  

In school, besides history, Kay taught a class of sixthgrade reading, and for two years she taught a title reading program for high school students.  

Kay said she is proud of the improvements that have come to the library over the years, including 15 computers. A patron said she felt at home in the library because of the reading nook and public restroom in the fiction room in the library.  

Kay enjoyed the Summer Reading Programs, Open House in the spring or fall and the Falkville Fall Festival fundraisers.   

Kay said it was heartwarming to see mothers getting books to read to their children and alsochildren getting books to enjoy reading on their own 

Kay really appreciates the support of the mayors, town councils, chairmen of the Board of Commissioners and District Commissioners for their help in funding the library over the years. She also thanks Don Stisher of the Morgan County Commission, who represents the Eva, Falkville and Massey district and also Sen. Arthur Orr.  

Grandmothers and mothers who have helped with programs include Jean McCaig, Frances Rowe and Valerie Williamson. 

Feb. 13 the library board met at 4:30 p.m. and sent thank you messages to Kay for her service to the library board.  

The meeting was attended by the new board member, Anna Howell Henderson. Anna is a Falkville native and a patron of the library. She taught at Falkville Elementary, and she had a science lab for her students to do hands-on work. She developed the first outdoor classroom in the Morgan County Schools system. Anna is very interested in the library and will be an asset to the board. 

Also attending the meeting were board members Summerford, Pam MacDonald, acting secretary Jane Hill, Tina Rogers and Asherbranner.   

Small house dog needed for person with disabilities 

A small house dog is needed for Zackery Duncan, according to his mom, Vickey. Vickey said Zackery suffers from seizures and other health issues that require him to be confined inside the house most of the time. The family wants the small dog as a companion for Zackery. Anyone who has a small dog they would like to give Zackery is asked to call Vickey at 256-512-7136.