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Falkville Council acts on Buster Road project

By Clif Knight 

For the Enquirer 

Falkville Council approved a resolution authorizing the mayor, with the assistance of the town attorney and project engineers, to take necessary steps to acquire easements or rights-of-way for the realignment and other improvements to Buster Road at East Pike and Interstate 65 at a regular meeting Jan. 6.  

Approval of the resolution was necessary in the event legal condemnation proceedings are needed to acquire the needed rights-of-way, explained town attorney Larry Madison. 

Mayor Ken Winkles said the footprint of the proposed project involves four private properties, and each owner has been contacted and apprised of the town’s need for rights-of-way.  

“Two, possibly three, have indicated they are willing to work with us, but the fourth is holding out,” Winkles said. “We need rights-of-way agreements before we go back to the state and request state/federal funding for the projectIn addition, a drainage culvert within the project area is in bad repair and needs to be replaced.”  

The council acted on other matters as follows: 

  • approved a resolution proclaiming January 2020 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month
  • approved a resolution to provide Tier I benefits to Tier II plan members under the provisions of Alabama Act 2019-132
  • declared as surplus property Code of Alabamabooks and a used John Deere riding mower and authorized their disposal 
  • authorized the Mayor to accept a quote from Bailey Tree Service for $5,500 to cut and remove three oak trees from rights-of-way on East Pine and 4th Streets
  • appointed Aaron Burgess as police chief with salaries and duties aspreviously established 
  • authorized the Mayor to accept a quote of $9,599 from Ryan Equipment Center for a new Cub riding mower