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Falkville police chief completes probation

Falkville officials agreed to lift a six-month probation period on Police Chief Aaron Burgess and make his appointment permanent at a work session Dec. 30.

Burgess was placed on an additional 90-day probation, effective until Jan. 4, 2020, in October when issues arose with respect to his on-the-job performance. He was promoted to the position on a probationary basis following the resignation of former chief Chris Free.

“I have no problem lifting the probation,” said Mayor Ken Winkles. “We are communicating on a day-to-day basis, and he is doing a good job.”

“I haven’t heard any complaints against him,” added Councilman Alton Hill. Other councilmen agreed and complimented Burgess and his staff for the work they are doing.

In other matters, the council heard an appeal for a replacement public address system for the FHS girls’ softball field from Booster Club President David Carroll.

“What we have is old and barely working,” Carroll stated. “An independent contractor in Cullman has offered to sell and install a replacement system for about $700.

“We are asking you to contribute that amount. My church has agreed to provide two wireless microphones for on-field use.

“The Booster Club believes Falkville has a good opportunity to go to state this year,” Carroll pointed out. “We have the talent, and excitement is building. We’ve already made $1,300 with a Bingo event and a pancake breakfast is coming in January.

“Is a new sound system going to help us win a state championship?” asked Hill.

The council approved the following:

  • Resolution raising awareness of human trafficking and proclaiming January 2020 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month
  • Resolution to approve Tier 1 benefits for Tier 2 employees at a cost of $2,937
  • Resolution to declare as surplus property and disposal of miscellaneous Code of Alabama books
  • Resolution to authorize the cutting and removal of three oak trees on Pine/West Fourth Street at a cost of $5,500
  • Resolution to maintain the current mayor/council salary schedule for the 2020-2024 term
  • Resolution to purchase a new Cadet tractor/mower from Ryan Equipment Co. for $9,500