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Books of the Week Nov. 25-30

By Michelle Blaylock and Patricia Poe

Title: “A Trick of Light”

Author: Stan Lee and Kat Rosenfield

Genre: Science Fiction

We have been adding to our science fiction/fantasy collection!

This book is set in Stan Lee’s Alliances Universe. It focuses on two main characters: Nia, a young woman born with extraordinary gifts, and Cameron, who is unwillingly changed after being knocked unconscious by lightning.

They bond together to develop their powers and begin a life of righting the wrongs in their world. However, forces more powerful and dangerous than Nia and Cameron take notice of the pair, and that attention will put the entire planet at risk.

Title: “Meant to be Yours”

Author: Susan Mallery

Genre: Romance

This is the fifth book in the Happily Inc. series by Susan Mallery. The storyline is that wedding coordinator Renee Grothen thinks that she is not meant to be married, so she does the next best thing: She plans other people’s weddings for them.

Renee meets ex-military-turned-thriller writer Jasper Dembenski, and they soon jump into a fling that will take them places they never thought they would go.

Will the wedding coordinator soon be planning her own wedding? Let’s read on to find out.