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Priceville Commons ‘dead in the water’

“We have lost the deal, there is no Priceville Commons,” Joe Lubisco, Jr. said.

The announcement came at the start of the work session for the Priceville Town Council and was met with frustration from the mayor, councilmen and community alike. According to Lubisco, the investor that was involved in the planned mixed-use development died mid-August and his son decided not to move forward with the development.

Many in the community came forward to express their disappointment and frustration that the project was not acted on sooner. One woman said she noticed a culture of not being transparent, while a man in attendance said the unwillingness to work together led to the issue. Another woman stated that the Priceville lost a big opportunity when the investor walked away from the development.

Mayor Melvin Duran stated a desire to continue to develop Priceville, even if it were to be in a different way.

Alex White is a Priceville resident and addressed the council during the meeting. “You are going to make mistakes, this is not a matter of life and death, but I want the truth to be told,” White said. “Quit going at each others’ throats and figure something out. Let’s not act like the ship is sinking, let’s get things done.”

According to Lubisco, the town incurred a nine million dollar loan that the development was supposed to help off-set. He said he has a plan and will be working with the council in the future to help it move forward.

“This downtown was the answer to the questions for people that live and work here and a place for entertainment and large revenue streams,” he said.