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On the court with Falkville’s Camden Reid


By Lauren Estes Special to the Enquirer

FALKVILLE— Point guard and notable scorer for Blue Devil basketball Camden Reid has been making waves with his athleticism and consistent leadership.
The 15-year-old Reid said he has been involved with sports for more than 10 years, as he started playing basketball at age 4.

“I feel it’s important to be a leader on and off the court because I want people to see how I am leading and my character from my attitude,” Reid said. “I want to continuously learn new things and lead others.
“My individual goals are getting a scholarship, and our team goals are winning as many games as we can and having fun as a team.”

Although many athletes consider certain games favorite challenges or tougher competition than others, Reid said his concern isn’t about the other team.
“I don’t think about who we are playing; I just think about how we are going to play ourselves,” Reid said. “My typical game day routine is sitting in the locker room with my team just to think to myself about the game and mentally prepare for the night.”

A constant focus is being a team player.
“The thing that makes me nervous the most is probably the way I am going to play because that’s something I’m in control of,” Reid said. “What a team player means to me is passing the ball and not thinking so much about yourself the whole time. You should care as much for your team as you do yourself. I feel like we can grow by having confidence in one another, and being a team player is something everyone can continually work on to get better at.”
Reid said when it comes to role models or people who impact him, the first person who comes to mind is his dad.
“I look up to my dad when it comes to basketball because he supports me and always tries to make me better,” Reid said.