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Letter to the Editor

‘Maybe they do not want my business’

Dear Editor,
I have often wondered why so many businesses cannot make it in Hartselle. Why do people leave this lovely town and shop in Decatur, Huntsville, Cullman, etc.?
During the holidays, or during the week, I would try to purchase a gift for someone or do personal shopping in one of the many shops in Hartselle, only to get frustrated to find out most mom-and-pop stores close when people get off work.
Now I understand.
When you close at 5 p.m., when the public can actually shop, is a good indication of why businesses do not last.
I fooled myself the other day into running to a local store to pick up some jewelry for Christmas. I wound up leaving because the doors locked up at 5 p.m. I will probably now have to shop elsewhere.
Just seems odd. Maybe they do not want my business.

M. Sharp Somerville